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The remuneration for the legal services of Attorney Patrick Zobel is generally regulated by the German Attorney Remuneration Act (RVG). However, the conclusion of lump-sum fees for certain assignments or of hourly fees (certain hourly rates) is the rule with Attorney Patrick Zobel, especially in the case of out-of-court representation.
RA Patrick Zobel will be happy to advise you on details and the estimated costs free of charge in a first meeting or in advance by e-mail. In order to be able to estimate whether it makes sense to engage a lawyer and conduct a legal dispute, it is necessary to know what costs you as a client will have to bear.

For a first consultation, i.e. the first contact with your case and a first detailed legal information, the maximum amount for consumers is 190.00 Euro plus VAT.
The online consultation for manageable and simply cases costs you only 70 Euro plus VAT.

RA Patrick Zobel stands for highest cost transparency and informs you in any case in advance about the extent of the possibly arising costs.

If you should have a legal protection insurance, a settlement will of course also be made directly to this insurance with your consent.