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Online consultation

Of course, you have the possibility to mandate attorney Patrick Zobel directly online and to ask for an answer to your legal question - comfortably in the office or from home, without the annoyance of making an appointment or driving to the office.
In cases that are quite simple, attorney Patrick Zobel will answer your question by e-mail, usually within 24 hours on weekdays at the latest, with a detailed answer to your question.
You will receive this conveniently by e-mail as a PDF file formatted for further use.

For this online legal advice you will be charged a total of 70 Euro plus VAT.

Should your mandate require increased effort and cannot be solved by simple online consultation, Attorney Patrick Zobel will contact you within 12 hours on weekdays, stating the expected costs for the more comprehensive expert opinion.

For an easy, fast and uncomplicated online consultation simply use our contact form!

Alternatively you can also make a direct inquiry here:

Of course, consulting via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms is also possible.